Nitrous Express Custom Nitrous Wiring Harness For C5 Corvettes

Corvette owners can now rejoice, as Nitrous Express (NX) has released a new, “Custom Wire Harness” for the ’97-04 C5. Guaranteeing a clean, factory appearance along with easing the installation of a NX nitrous kit, these wiring harnesses are just what the doctor ordered for the Corvette enthusiast looking for cheap horsepower.

Official Release:

Custom Wire Harness (PN 15492)

This custom wiring harness is designed specifically for 1997-2004 Corvettes (C5) and will make your nitrous install quick, easy and attractive. The harness has power and ground inputs, a 12v master arming switch input and pre-terminated weather pack plugs that will connect to the following components: nitrous and fuel solenoids, TPS wire, TPS module or full throttle switch, relay and a low fuel pressure safety switch. The harness uses high quality, high temp automotive wire (12 gauge on the high current wires), sealed weather pack connectors, a sealed fuse connector and a 40 amp relay. The entire harness is wrapped in convoluted tubing to protect against chafing and to ensure a clean, factory appearance..

Harness’ available for C5 Corvettes, C6 Corvettes, 5th Gen Camaros, F-Body Camaros, Trans-Ams, GTOs, and G8s.


  • Aids in a quick and easy installtion
  • Uses high-quality, high-tempreture automotive wire
  • Wrapped in convoluted tubing to protect against chafing
  • Ensures a clean, factory appearance for NX nitrous kits

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