New LS1 Mini-VIP Ignition System Offered by Performance Distributors

Do you want more power and performance from your LS1-powered vehicle without all the hassle of installing complicated performance parts? Then look no further than the Mini-VIP ignition system from Performance Distributors. This new system sends 18 volts to each coil for more power and tuning abilities and has even been tested to give you an average of 7hp more with a simple three wire installation.

Official Release:

Performance Distributors LS-1 Mini-VIP

The LS-1 Engine has eight ignition coils, one for each cylinder. As with most ignition systems, these coils are powered by a 12 volt hot wire. Performance Distributors has designed the new Mini-VIP to send 18 volts into each coil in order to improve performance, power, and tuning abilities.

Two Mini-VIP’s will be required for the LS-1 as it has four coils mounted on each side of the engine. The voltage for each set of four coils is supplied by its own separate power wire and the Mini-VIP installs directly inline with each of these wires.

Most electronic ignitions like a lot of voltage and the 18 volt Mini-VIP will enhance the LS-1’s ignition system by allowing spark plug gaps to be opened up to .075″. The larger gap burns the fuel more completely on each piston stroke which may allow you to run a richer fuel mixture and that will make more horsepower.

Also, the Mini-VIP prevents voltage drop at the coils which is commonly experienced when accessories are turned on. When the voltage drops, the spark at the plug deteriorates significantly. The 18 volts from the Mini-VIP not only cures this, but the additional spark intensity will improve performance and keep the spark plugs cleaner, longer.

The unit is encapsulated in moisture proof silicone and tested in house. Easy three wire hookup makes installation simple. Works with any 12 volt battery. The Mini-VIP has a two year warranty.

 Part#                                                             Application                                                    Price

5577-102                     LS-1 MINI-VIP – 18 Volt Transformer (Includes 2)                         $498.00



  • Sends 18 volts into each coil vs. 12 to improve performance and tuning abilities
  • Installs directly inline with each power wire
  • Allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .075″
  • Prevents voltage drop at the coils commonly experienced when accessories are turned on
  • Easy three wire installation
  • Works with any 12 volt battery
  • Comes with a two year warranty

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