New H3R Performance Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount Offering

H3R Performance offers flexible safety feature in their new Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount (SM01). On and off track drivers can now easily mount a fire extinguisher to the front of the driver or front passenger seat in an easy bolt-on application, retaining flexibility in seat movement without compromising passenger safety. H3R’s lightweight aluminum Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount   is available in black (model SM01BK) or brushed (SM01BR) finishes.     

Official Release:

H3R Performance is offering a new product that enables consumers to easily mount a fire extinguisher in front of an automobile seat. This fully adjustable fire extinguisher seat mount installs easily in most vehicles, attaching to the seat rail bolts or above the sliders of the driver or front passenger seats. Not only does this make the extinguisher easy to access but it eliminates the need to drill mounting holes. Attaching the assembly above the sliders, where possible, allows it to move with the seat when it is adjusted.

The patent pending mounts are made from lightweight, durable aluminum and available in black (model SM01BK) or brushed (model SM01BR) finishes. The product accepts all H3R Performance fire extinguisher quick-release billet aluminum and standard mounting brackets.

According to Chris Dieter, H3R Performance senior vice president, “Fire codes require vehicle fire extinguishers to be securely mounted and readily accessible. Loose extinguishers can be damaged or become projectiles in an accident. An extinguisher mounted out of reach wastes time in an emergency. Our new seat mount provides a solid mounting location that is right at your fingertips – and it’s quick and easy to install.”


  • Driver and front passenger seat safety application
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
  • Available in black (SM01BK) or brushed (SM01BR) finishes
  • Compatible with all H3R Performance fire extinguisher quick-release and standard mounting brackets
  • Easy bolt-on installation to seat rail bolts or above the sliders 

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