You might not always be thinking about your cylinder head gaskets, but they’re just as important as any component in your engine. That’s why Mr. Gasket has redesigned their Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) cylinder head gaskets. With the new design, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting great seal, and a gasket that wont move around on you once installed.

Official Release:

Mr. Gasket MLS Cylinder Head Gaskets

Our MLS Head Gaskets have been newly re-designed with some added benefits. Manufactured from the highest grade stainless steel materials, each layer is individually laser cut using state of the art technology. Our protective coatings are applied after the cutting-edge formation process to ensure maximum coverage and no breaks in resistance to oxidation from chemicals. Even after heat cycles, our gaskets hold their shape and will not creep down to maintain torque retention and gasket performance.


  • Chevrolet V8 262-400
  • Chevrolet V8 LT1 350
  • GM V8 LS Series 5.7L, 6.2L
  • Chevrolet V8 396-454
  • Chevrolet V8 454-572
  • Ford L4 2.3L
  • Ford V8 302
  • Ford V8 302 SVO
  • Chrysler V8 340-360
  • Chrysler V8 383-440
  • Chrysler V8 426 Hemi

Features & Benefits:

  • Highest Grade Materials – Our New MLS Head Gaskets are made from high grade Stainless steel materials. Each layer is individually formed using state of the art laser cutting and embossment formation processes.
  • Cutting-Edge Production Technology – our formation process uses soft radius forming to improve conformability, reduce stress points in the gasket, resulting more sealing capability.
  • Stress Relaxed – all gaskets are tempered to relax stresses from the forming process which improves torque retention and gasket performance.
  • Torque Retention – will not creep down and holds shape even after heat cycles.
  • Proprietary Coating – our polymer coatings are applied after the embossment formation process to ensure entire coverage of each of the outer layers and allows no break in the coating. These coatings offer resistance to oxidations from chemicals.
  • Lifetime Warranty.