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Water Spot RemoverWater spots: the bane of any car’s existence, brought on by those unfortunate circumstances where we park the car too close to the sprinkler, missed a spot during the wash, or just have it get splashed by a puddle. Fortunately, Meguiar’s latest product, Water Spot Remover, promises to get rid of those dried-up mineral deposits that are a nuisance to drivers everywhere. Water Spot Remover not only works on paint, but also on hard plastics, chrome, metals and glass.

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Water spots are one of the most common paint defects plaguing drivers today. For those times that you park just a little too close to a sprinkler, or get caught in a bit of unexpected rain, Meguiar’s, the leader in car care offers its all-new Water Spot Remover, an easy-to-use, multi-surface formula, designed to help remove those annoying water spots.

So, what is a Water Spot? A water spot is an area of dried mineral deposits and sub-surface etching left on a car’s surface after being allowed to air dry. Conventionally, removing water spots has required the use of detailing clays and/or compounds and paint cleaners. Although these products can be quite effective, many entry level and novice enthusiasts may not feel comfortable when trying to select the correct product(s) or application methods.

Removing water spots now, however, can be a quick and easy experience for any car care enthusiast with Meguiar’s Water Spot Remover. It provides the defect correction of a compound, with the gloss enhancement of a polish. This innovative product is easy to use on all hard automotive surfaces including paint, hard plastics, chrome, metals and glass. It’s perfect to pack in the trunk for those times on the go and can be utilized either by hand or machine application.

Simply apply the liquid product to either the surface or a foam applicator, microfiber or 100% cotton terry towel, and polish away those annoying water spots one section at a time. After application, it is recommended to apply a coat of wax to any painted area where this product was used to restore protection.

Meguiar’s Water Spot Remover is now available at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide.


  • Works on all hard automotive surfaces including paint, hard plastics, chrome, metals and glass
  • Helps remove water spots by hand or machine

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