Meguiar’s Introduces Their Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

New from Meguiar’s – their Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner. This cleaner is perfectly balanced to deliver a powerful and effective cleaning solution while also being pH balanced and acid free. See more details below.

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With all the different ways to manufacture a wheel, the use of different materials and various finishing processes can often make it really challenging to determine what your wheels are made of and how the surface color was applied. Do you know if your wheels are polished, chromed, clear-coat painted, powder-coated, or anodized? What about the components behind the wheels? Consequently it can become very difficult and mind boggling to determine what wheel cleaning product will be safe and effective on all of these surfaces. Fortunately, Meguiar’s has been taking care of car surfaces since 1901, and they have streamlined things to make it simple and easy with their new Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner. This brand new wheel cleaner has a powerful formula that offers deep cleaning, yet is gentle enough that it can be used on any type of wheel material and finish.

Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner strikes the perfect balance between delivering a powerful and effective cleaning solution while also being pH balanced and acid free. As a result, it’s safe and effective for all wheel finishes and even painted, powder-coated, or anodized brake and suspension components. This active gel formula clings to wheels and stays wetter longer providing for better cleaning action than traditional foaming wheel cleaners. The deep cleaning formula also works to quickly loosen dirt, grime and brake dust with little to no agitation. It also has the ability to turn brake dust purple and road grime brown so you’ll know it’s working to get wheels back to a “like new” appearance. The more brake dust your car produces, the more purple color change you’ll notice.

For the best results Meguiar’s recommends making sure your wheels and brake components are cool to the touch and that you are working in the shade. Unlike other wheel cleaners, pre-rinsing the wheel is not necessary or even recommended. Simply spray a generous amount of the cleaner on each wheel so that you are covering the entire wheel. Next, allow the product to dwell for 2-4 minutes without allowing the product to dry on the wheel. Spray off with a powerful stream of water and be sure to dry the wheel to prevent water spotting, and that’s it! Keep in mind that if your wheels are heavily soiled or neglected some agitation may be required with a gentle wheel cleaning brush.

So, if choosing the right wheel cleaner makes you sweat with anxiety Meguiar’s has made it simpler with Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner. It delivers the strength needed to remove stubborn contaminants including brake dust, dirt and road grime while still being safe on all wheel finishes and painted, powder-coated, or anodized brake and suspension components.


  • Active gel quickly dissolves heavy brake dust! Turns purple as it dissolves brake dust!
  • Tough on road grime and dirt, but not your wheels!
  • Acid free and pH balanced – Safe for all wheel finishes!
  • Safe on painted brake components
  • Delivers powerful cleaning, yet gentle and safe

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