Meguiar's Headlight Lens Correction KitMeguiar’s specialty in detailing products is further expanded with their latest Headlight Lens Correction Kit. It helps remove light oxidation, scratches in surfaces, and general cloudiness to bring out the factory brightness in your headlamps. 

Official Release:

Traveling with scratched, foggy headlights can be unsafe. That’s why Meguiar’s, the leader in car care has introduced its all-new Headlight Lens Correction Kit. This affordable and easy do-it-yourself kit requires nothing more than a little elbow grease and contains everything needed to beautify the headlights of any car, effectively eliminating light oxidation, general cloudiness and surface scratches and ultimately delivering a crystal clear finish worthy of a show car.

This simple three-step Headlight Lens Correction Kit includes a four oz. bottle of PlastX, three double-sided sanding discs with four different grits (1800D, 2400D, 3200S and 4000S), a premium Meguiar’s microfiber towel and a one oz. sample of Meguiar’s Headlight Protectant.

Save the cost of replacements and get safe, clean headlights again with Meguiar’s Headlight Lens Correction Kit.

Meguiar’s Headlight Lens Correction Kit is available at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide.


  • Eliminates light oxidation, general cloudiness, and surface scratches
  • Includes 4oz. bottle of PlastX, sanding discs, microfiber towel, and sample of Headlight Protectant