Meguiar’s Bug Splatter Sponge Removes Bugs Not Paint

BugSplatterSpongesBugs have always been an issue when it comes to cleaning cars. Whether bees, beetles, wasps, or flies, these flying insects always seem to pop up where you least expect them before splattering themselves all over the hood and windshield. Luckily, Meguiar’s has a solution: the Bug Splatter Sponge. These compact, single-use sponges contain special formulas for dealing with even the most resilient and acidic of insect residue. They work on your other vehicles too, like boats and ATVs, as a pre-wash procedure, or just a quick detailing stop at the side of the road.

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Tired of seeing bug guts on the front bumper of your otherwise beautiful car? Introducing Bug Splatter Sponges from the car care leaders at Meguiar’s – a disposable sponge that effectively removes bug residue quickly, yet without scratching the paint.

These single-use sponges are specifically formulated to break down bug proteins that, if left unchecked, glue themselves to the paint making them hard to remove. Meguiar’s Bug Splatter Sponges utilize a unique, pre-saturated, double-sided foam and terry pad that, in combination with Meguiar’s solution, breaks down and captures bug residue, eliminating the frustration and the potential of paint damage from scratching the bugs off.

Meguiar’s Bug Splatter Sponges can be used on a variety surfaces beyond paint, such as glass, headlights & plastic, as well as on motorcycles, personal watercraft, boats and any metal or fiberglass surface. Simply wipe the affected area with the knapped side of the sponge, allowing a few moments of dwell time, then wipe the bug guts away. And being individually packed, these easy-to-use sponges are portable too, which means they can be used as a quick-fix on the road.

For best results, use the product as a pre-wash treatment and finish with a wash or detail.

Meguiar’s Bug Splatter Sponges are available at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide.


  • Removes bug residue quickly and safely
  • Works on a variety of surfaces–glass, fiberglass, paint, plastic, etc.
  • Compact and disposable

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