Loud or Quiet: New Fusion Exhaust Gives C5 Owners The Choice

The new Bi-Modal Exhaust System for the C5 Corvette from Billy Boat has two modes of operating: one loud and the other quiet. This allows the driver to control how loud the exhaust is at the push of a button.


C5 Corvette “FUSION”

After four months of testing, Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has finally released a bi-modal exhaust system specifically designed for the C5 Corvette. What is bi-modal exhaust? Bi-modal means it has two passages, or modes, that the exhaust can travel through the muffler. Each of the mufflers has two outlets, with one side having a butterfly valve, which allows the exhaust flow to be shut off, regulating which side of the muffler the flows exhaust. One side of the muffler is the “quiet” side, and the other is the “loud” side. The “quiet” side is a smaller, muffled and chambered tube, while the “loud” side is 3” tubing straight through. When the valve is closed, all of the exhaust travels through the “quiet” muffled side of the muffler allowing a nice mild exhaust note. When the valve is opened, the majority of the exhaust will flow through the “loud” side of the muffler, emitting a deep, robust bark that is guaranteed to turn heads at the push of a button.

  • The T-304 stainless-steel materials used on the entire system are known throughout the industry as the highest-quality material practical for aftermarket exhaust
  • Using the latest machinery, all tubing is CNC mandrel-bent for precise fit and uninterrupted exhaust flow for better performance
  • Mufflers and tips are hand-polished to a mirror-like finish
  • Uses engine vacuum for ample supply to close valves when so desired
  • Quad 4” round or 4.5” oval double wall tips available
  • Limited LIFETIME warranty
  • 50-state-emissions legal
  • FCOR-0150……….C5 Fusion, Quad Round Tips
  • FCOR-0155……….C5 Fusion, Quad Oval Tips

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