Lingenfelter’s Nitrous Control Center Now Available

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is one of the most trusted names in the late-model musclecar industry. They really know their stuff, and when it comes to a nitrous system on your car, they have you covered there as well. They just launched their NCC-001 Nitrous Control Center for today’s current crop of musclecars. Read more below!

Official Release:

Lingenfelter NCC-001 Nitrous Control Center Now Available!

DECATUR, Ind. – Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) introduces the NCC-001 Nitrous Control Center – a two-stage progressive nitrous controller with on-board display, programming and data logging along with USB-based PC connectivity capabilities. 

The NCC-001 Nitrous Control Center (part # L460150000) can store three nitrous configurations on-board, allowing users to switch between the programs using the controller buttons, and an unlimited number of configurations on users’ PCs.  Featuring independent progressive nitrous and fuel control for each stage of nitrous, the NCC-001 Nitrous Control Center allows for user-adjustable delays on nitrous enable versus fuel enable times. 

Lingenfelter’s NCC-001 Nitrous Control Center gives users the ability to modify nitrous based on time, RPM, vehicle speed and throttle position.  It also has programmable fuel pressure and AFR safety nitrous overrides.  Lingenfelter designed the controller to simplify wiring and reduce the number of modules needed, combining the functions of a two-stage nitrous controller, data logger, RPM window switch, shift light controller, fuel pressure safety switch, programmable TPS switch and bottle heat controller. 

The NCC-001 Nitrous Control Center’s inputs include engine speed, vehicle speed, TPS, air fuel ratio, fuel pressure sensor, nitrous bottle pressure and more.  Outputs include nitrous, fuel, relay 1 & 2 and shift light/LED.


  • On-board data logging
  • On-board programming of settings via controller buttons
  • 128×64 screen to view settings
  • USB-based programming of settings via PC interface and included software 
  • USB software updates for new features
  • USB interface to retrieve and view logged data
  • Closed loop bottle warmer control via nitrous pressure sensor input
  • Connects to the Lingenfelter LNC-2000 two-step adjustable RPM limiter with timing retard for LS engines and allows for programmable timing retard based on nitrous level. 

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