New from Katech – the KT1 Corvette Wheel. This forged aluminum wheel is strong while being incredibly lightweight with a bold five-spoke monoblock design. See more details below.

Official Release:

Katech has expanded its aftermarket performance products lineup with the new KT1 wheel for C6 and C7 Corvettes.

Developed in collaboration with forged aluminum performance wheel manufacturer Forgeline, the distinctive Katech-branded design helps Corvette owners stand out from the crowd with very strong yet incredibly light wheel. The 19-by-10-inch front wheels weigh in at 27 pounds apiece (12.2 kilograms), while the rear 20-by-12-inch rear wheels each weigh 30.5 pounds (13.8 kilograms).

Made of precision-machined forged aluminum, the unique five-spoke monoblock design is offered for C6 Z06 and C7 Z06 models, as well as the C6 ZR1 and C6/C7 Grand Sport. Its styling showcases the factory carbon-ceramic brake rotors offered on the models.

The new Katech KT1 wheels are available in 17 standard finishes and 14 optional finishes, all made to order per the customer’s specifications.

“We wanted to bring the same excellence our customers expect from our engines to our own Katech KT1 signature wheel,” said Jason Harding, director of aftermarket operations at Katech. “The quality, performance and look were very important, so we partnered with a premium brand, Forgeline, to offer our Corvette customers more choices to help them make their Corvette unique.”

The new KT1 wheels are Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tested, which ensures the wheels have been engineered to be strong and safe. The wheels are designed to withstand high-performance street- and track-day driving and bring a unique, attractive look to late-model Corvettes.


  • Very strong yet incredibly light wheel
  • Precision-machined forged aluminum
  • Unique five-spoke monoblock design