New from JRi – their Double Adjustable Shocks are now available for C5/C6 Corvettes. These shocks will allow you to go from the street to track in minutes with easy shock adjustments. See more details below.

Official Release:

The Corvette exudes performance speed and style. Off the showroom floor, the Corvette is virtually track ready. Built for performance, this car is prime for JRi’s double adjustable shocks. JRi’s performance technology allows one to transition from street to track in minutes, optimizing overall handling for the desired application.

All of our street performance shocks are set up to meet the specific needs of that driver. Contact our street performance market manager for info about your vehicle or to place an order.


  • Coilover option available
  • Nitrogen charged for added consistency
  • Superior damping
  • Enhanced response
  • Superior grip