One of the most problematic electronic components on pretty much any late-model car, is the mass air flow sensor. Our friends over at JMS Chip & Performance have come up with a solution to eliminate any potential problems with their new Mass Air Modifier. Read all of the details below to learn more.

Official Release:

Introducing the JMS Mass Air Modifier!

The JMS Mass Air Modifier is designed to accurately scale and filter your mass air signal. It is the ONLY product that can do both. A clean, filtered mass air signal will improve the way your vehicle operates at idle and at cruising speeds. You will have the ability to adjust the scale of your mass air signal, extend sensor range, and eliminate “pegging.”


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Cleans up noisy mass air signal
  • Sixteen different settings
  • Adjustable filter window at idle or cruising speeds
  • Fine tune for aditional power or extend range to eliminate pegging
  • Learns unique idle of each vehicle
  • No need for a laptop, all adjustments can be made with the included screwdriver