IMIS 2010: COMP Performance Group Unveils Hot New Products

Here in Indianapolis, the COMP Performance Group is well presented with several of the companies’ renowned brands on hand to showcase some new products in conjunction with many do their longtime favorite offerings.

COMP Cams brought out their new Elite Lifters that are an all-new design and intended for high end racing applications. These new lifters feature the largest axle of any lifter on the market, and have a pressurized oil feed to the wheel in which the oil is metered through the pushrod seats to the top end. Sporting a large bearing, they have interchangeable pushrod seats, a lightweight body with a wheel made of 9310 material.

Meanwhile, TCI is showcasing their new Power Drive Pan, made of a diecast aluminum that’s two pounds lighter than sand cast pans on the markets. This sharp-looking pan utilizes an o-ring seal rather than a gasket, holds two extra quarts of oil, contains an o-ring drain plug, and has a design that incorporates raise dimples into the bottom of the pan that increased surface area, thus improving heat dissipation. According to TCI’s Scott Miller, they are one the first to diecast an aluminum oil pan.

Quarter Master brought out several of their popular products for the show, headed up by the unveiling of their carbon fiber driveshaft intended for use in dirt Late Models. These driveshafts offer exceptional weight reduction that vastly improves acceleration and deceleration in and out of the corners where a race is often make or break. the directionally-oriented carbon fiber maximizes torsional strength radially and laterally to improve performance in racing environs. These are finished with a non-load bearing composite outer layer and lightweight black, anodized billet aluminum ends that use standard 1310 u-joints. In addition to the black finish pictured, a white version is available for series that require a white driveshaft.

Lastly, Racing Head Service has pulled the wraps off their new Pro Elite Aluminum cylinder heads for LS7 applications. This new head is the only high performance LS7 head with a raised intake port runner designed to accommodate production and aftermarket intake manifolds and valve train setups. These 355T6 aerospace grade alloy heads feature rectangular ports with a 12-degree rolled valve angle, full CNC porting, and raised valve cover rails to accommodate aftermarket rockers. Available in three different configurations, they sport a 291cc runner, 69cc chamber, 2.200″ intake valves and 1.615″ exhaust valves, with a six-angle valve job and radius exhaust valve job. These are compatible with RHS LS and GM LSX blocks.

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