Building the ultimate performance engine institutes many contributing factors. The perfectly machined block, the right heads, and a high flowing aluminum intake are just some of the main ingredients. But you’ll need to top it off with a great carburetor, and that’s where the folks at Holley Performance lend their expertise. They’ve released a new versions of the popular Street Avenger and Ultra Double Pumper carburetors in a sweet looking flat-grey finish.

Official Release:

Holley Performance New Street Avenger and Double Pumper Carburetors 

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce their hottest street carburetors now available in their popular Hard Core Gray finish!

Holley’s Ultra Street Avengers and Ultra Double Pumpers are now available in the Hard Core Gray coating, first introduced on the Ultra HPs. The Hard Core Gray finish is a hard coat anodizing that not only looks great, but offers superior corrosion protection.

Ultra Street Avengers and Ultra Double Pumpers feature a 4-corner idle for precise idle control; clear fuel level sight windows for easy, no mess fuel level adjustments; Ford automatic transmission kickdown; four vacuum ports for all necessary vacuum accessories; black anodized billet aluminum metering blocks and base plate; and for the first time on a Double Pumper, factory pre–set electric choke for easy, fast cold start–ups


  • 4-Corner idle adjustments
  • Clear fuel level sight windows
  • Four vacuum ports
  • Factory pre–set electric choke