Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to mess with the standard oil fill tube on your LS engine? With the new 5-way Oil Fill Cap from Holley Performance Products, you don’t have to. Featuring five configurations and a custom option, the process of filling your oil will be as unique as your ride.

Official Release:

Holley’s 5–way Oil Fill Cap for LS Engines

Bowling Green, KY–Holley’s new Oil Fill Cap for LS engines removes the oil fill tube that come stock on LS engines and replaces it with a cap that can be configured five ways plus custom option. Our cap screws directly into all stock valve covers. The base is made of the same glass-filled material as the factory to ensure durability. Each cap comes with an aluminum insert that can easily be painted before assembly, and a domed Holley decal can be placed on the aluminum insert or directly onto the cap base. With paint in hand, the options are endless.


  • Can be configured 5 ways or customized
  • Replaces the standard oil fill tube
  • Screws into all stock valve covers
  • Aluminum insert allows for easy painting