Heatshield Products, better known for their better-made solutions to thermal insulation, have recently rolled out a a new lineup of products aimed at dampening the sounds made by your ride. New products like Sniper–which uses a unique “sonic shield wall” to reflect and stop sound waves from your vehicle–and several others team up to deliver a more enjoyable experience as you drive.

Aside from sound dampening, Heatshield is also proud to introduce its I-M Shield which promises an increase of at least 12 hp to a 5.0 Coyote engine; perfect for your Mustang. It works reducing heat radiating up from the top motor significantly, thus creating a more dense fuel and air mixture, which results in more power.

 Official Release:

db Sound Deadener line – Advanced, high-tech, lightweight sound insulation products

db Sniper – It aims, it shoots, and it kills sound

db Suppressor – 24% lighter high performance sound dampener

db Shield – heat moldable sound barrier for the ultimate OEM look

db Gasket – Stop squeaks & rattles on your custom build

I-M Shield – at $80 MSRP, possibly the cheapest 12 RWP your money can buy


  • db Sound Deadener line provides multiple, tested products to dampen outside sound from getting in
  • db Sniper’s neoprene foam design blocks high-energy, low-frequency road noise
  • db Gasket’s urethane foam is ideal for speaker installations, reducing rattle and providing a crisper, cleaner sound
  • I-M Shield minimizes manifold heat, creates denser fuel/air mix to give you better power