Getting the correct tire pressure on your race vehicle can be a hassle but is vital to your performance at the track. That’s why Proform Parts is offering their new 0-To-100 PSI Tire Gauge. As its name suggests, you can measure up to 100 PSI with the new gauge as well as enjoy built-in features like unit conversion and two operating modes. This isn’t just a regular tire gauge, this is the perfect addition to any racer’s set of tools.

Official Release:


Roseville, MI: Running the correct tire pressure is the most important factor in achieving maximum performance and mileage. Accurate and regular pressure checks are the only way to win in both normal street driving and also at the racetrack. Many a “win’ has been missed due to incorrectly inflated tires.

Proform’s incredibly easy to use and accurate Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (#67399) will measure tire pressure from 0-to-100 PSI in increments of .01 PSI. This gauge features unit conversion (PSI, bars and kg/cm2), automatic OFF setting, LCD screen backlighting and dual air bleed buttons. Two modes of operation are available: NORMAL-once you remove the gauge from the valve stem the gauge will slowly count back to zero, and PEAK-the peak pressure will remain on the display after removing from the valve stem. The air bleed buttons allow for controlled pressure release. It’s basically a programmable tire gauge. Complete operation instructions are included and the suggested retail price is $160. Preview this handy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, and all of Proform’s internal and external engine parts, tools and dress up kits at


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate digital readout
  • Measures tire pressure from 0 to 100 PSI
  • Two modes available for easy to read information
  • Comes with many features and complete operation instructions