Get A Heavy Duty Pressure Plate For Your LS With Mantic Clutch

manticclutch_1In Australia the LS scene is just as popular as it is here in America, with the enthusiasts and the aftermarket clamoring for the latest performance parts in the industry. Not only do they order high-performance components from our shores, but they offer their own brands of aftermarket goodness.

One of those companies is Mantic Clutch, and they are who many of the gearheads (petrol heads?) from Australia and New Zealand turn to for all of their clutch needs. Recently, they just launched a new pressure plate kit called the Street ER², which is available in America through Competition Clutch.

Official Release:

Mantic Clutch Street ER² Pressure Plate

The Mantic Street clutch system, with the patented ER² designed Pressure Plate, is specifically designed for the performance “street” market. Capable of transmitting up to 60% more torque than a standard clutch kit it is suitable for vehicles, which have been modified for street use.

This overall torque capacity increase has been achieved by combining a cover assembly designed with higher clamp load and the ER² designed pressure plate, which increases the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate while providing, better cooling. These features acting in tandem with a clutch disc, which combines cerametallic and organic friction material, translate into a high torque capacity system.

The patented Pressure Plate ER² design includes a groove design that enhances performance in two ways. The first benefit of the groove design is that it increases the torque capacity of the cover assembly by up to 8% and the second advantage is that it assists with cooling which in-turn enables the friction material to operate at lower temperatures and therefore less prone to Fade.

A high strength, anti-burst Spheroidal Graphite Iron (SGI) material has been used in the manufacturing of the SFI-certified pressure plate. Performance vehicles typically operate at higher RPM than standard vehicles. The SGI material replaces the standard grey cast iron used in many “performance” upgrades currently on the market.

The torque capacity of the clutch is also increased through the use of a twin material clutch disc. This clutch disc has an organic facing ring in contact with the pressure plate and a segmented cerametallic facing on the flywheel side. The cerametallic material has a higher coefficient of friction and therefore contributes to a higher overall torque capacity.

The clutch disc has also been “up sprung” to increase its torque capacity. Heavy-duty damper springs have replaced the standard springs so that the increased torque capacity of the cover assembly can be transmitted through the clutch disc without the spring failure.


  • Increases torque capacity.
  • Stronger than OEM unit
  • Heavy-duty design

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