Forgeline Continues Adding Options With New Transparent Smoke Finish

Forgeline already has a number of custom options to select from when ordering a set of wheels for just about any application, but this new Transparent Smoke finish has moved to the top of our desired list. They’ve added the option to any wheels being ordered, and you can check out more info in their release.

Official Release:

New Finish Option: Transparent Smoke

All of us at Forgeline are very proud of our in-house finishing and powder coating facility. Having this capacity under our own roof enables us to deliver a level of quality and service that would simply not be possible, if we were forced to farm this out to an external vendor. It also allows us to experiment with new ideas and create cool new finish options. A case in point is our newest custom finish: Transparent Smoke.

Our new Transparent Smoke finish is a unique combination of our brushed and machined surface finishes combined with a translucent smoked powder coat. The result is a very modern appearance with a dynamic sheen that varies according to changing lighting conditions. It offers cool industrial sophistication with an occasional radiant glimmer at the same time, as light bounces from the machined aluminum beneath the powder coat.

We offer Transparent Smoke as a one piece monoblock finish (for all entire one piece monoblock wheels) for $150 per piece, as a three piece center finish (for all three piece wheel centers) for $100 per piece, as an outer rim finish (applicable to three piece wheels only) for $80 per piece, and as an inner rim finish (including partial polish of the inner rim shell – applicable to three piece wheels only) for $150 per piece. You can learn more about our new Transparent Smoke finish and see more photos HERE.


  • Unique combination of our brushed and machined surface finishes
  • Available as a one piece monoblock finish, a three piece center finish, an outer rim finish, and as an inner rim finish

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