Do you love your Forgeline wheels with the center lock adapter but want a more flush look for your rims? Look no further than Forgeline’s new Flush-Loc conversion kit. Not only does this kit eliminate the extra material found on the center lock adapter, it also provides added piece of mind with an additional locking mechanism.

Official Release:

Forgeline Releases the New Flush-Loc Conversion Kit

Forgeline Motorsports is proud to announce the immediate availability of the new Flush-Loc Conversion.  The Flush-Loc Conversion kit is a new advanced center lock kit that eliminates the snout of the center lock adapter (for a flush clean look) AND provides an additional locking mechanism to secure the wheel to the adapter.

Our new Flush-Loc Conversion takes our original center lock conversion to whole new level. Our engineers have developed a new center lock system that eliminates the snout of the adapter for a “flush” clean look. But it is not just for looks, as the Flush-Loc cap has a built-in locking system that will keep the wheels secure in any condition. After the center lock nut is installed and tightened down, the Flush-Loc cap is threaded inside the adapter and tightened down with the supplied wrench. Because the thread pitch of the locking cap is finer than the nut, they cannot move together – which locks the wheel in place.

Our Hex and GT nuts are available with this option in a multitude of anodized colors including Clear, Black, Red, and Blue.   And the Flush-Loc cap is also available with our new “FL” logo as well our standard “Forgeline” logo. Or you can even get it without any logo at all.


  • Helps give a clean look
  • Keeps the wheel secure in any condition
  • Available in many different colors
  • Available with two different Forgeline logos or just plain