DTE Performance Differentials for High-Powered C5 and C6 Corvettes

DTE C6 DifferentialDTE Performance gives you its latest differential offerings for your C5 or C6 with three new options: Stock, Street, and Sportsman. Choose Stock if you’re in need of a refurbed unit or just a simple change like gears; choose Street to get more out of your street-driven Vette; or choose Sportsman to get the utmost power whether cruising the highway or running laps on the track.

Official Release:

DTE Performance provides the confidence to utilize added engine power without the fear of failing the one component often overlooked: the differential. DTE Performance Differential Assemblies for Corvette C5 and C6 handle extra engine power while offering longer life than OE differentials and avoiding catastrophic failure. Differential packages are offered in upgrade levels that align with many common engine modification packages from stock to pure competition. 

The Stock Series offers an economical means to have a factory stock differential torn down, inspected, and refurbished. It’s an ideal choice for changing gear ratios, fixing leaks, or just refreshing a high mileage differential. The Street Series is for the Corvette which is exclusively driven on the street, but has mild power increases. The Sportsman Series provides ultra-high strength for high powered Corvettes that see track competition, yet are also regularly driven on the street. All series are offered with equipment options to meet exact customer specifications. Differentials can be built using a customer supplied carrier, or a DTE provided carrier, and a differential exchange program is offered.  

DTE Performance goes beyond upgrading the known and obvious components and considers the entire differential assembly including gear sets, clutch packs, bearings, individual castings, and all fasteners. Assembly takes place using a proven process that focuses on every aspect of the differential. Once the differential is complete it undergoes a multi-level quality control inspection, and it’s backed by a limited warranty.

DTE Performance also offers a variety of Corvette related products and installation services including driveline, forced induction, and exhaust.


  • Stock Series addresses issues found on stock differentials
  • Street Series upgrades power for street-bound Corvettes
  • Sportsman Series provides premium strength everywhere you go

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