The Corvette Stingray has some of the coolest features ever put into a Chevrolet car, and now you can make sure at least two of them are taken care of for a long time to come. Detroit Speed introduces their new electric headlight door kit and windshield wiper kit for all C2 ‘Vettes. Both of these kits replace the stock systems in place, and give you smoother and more reliable operation. 

Official Release

Electric Headlight Door Kit

This DSE Electric Headlight Door Kit replaces the stock electric actuated system on 1963-1967 Corvettes. When installed, this kit will operate the headlight doors more reliably and smoother.

The Electric Headlight Kits use current sensing technology to provide a system that needs no adjustment and is extremely safe. DSE has gone to great lengths to provide you with the highest quality, best engineered product available with the easiest installation and minimal modification to your vehicle. The kit comes complete with everything you need for installation including two electric actuators, a control module, harness, mounting brackets, and hardware.

Selecta-Speed Wiper Kit

A downpour of rain will no longer hinder your ability to clearly see the road. This kit provides you with the performance and convenience of a late model wiper system in a package that easily and cleanly mounts in your car.

The wiper kit contains a low profile, seven-speed wiper motor with 5 delays, low speed, and high speed, rotary switch, adapter plate, and wiring harness. The CNC aluminum adapter plate mounts the wiper motor to the stock firewall bolt pattern.


  • Both products fit all C2s
  • Smoother, more reliable operation
  • Headlight kit uses current sensing technology without need for adjustment 
  • Wiper kit contains low-profile, seven-speed motor and installation components