Detroit Speed Releases DECAlink Rear Suspension Kit For C2/C3 Vettes

New from Detroit Speed – the DECAlink Independent Rear Suspension Kit for 1963-1982 C2/C3 Corvettes. This kit will enhance the ride quality and handling in your classic Corvette. See more details below.

Official Release:

After recently announcing the SpeedRay front suspension, Detroit Speed now brings to market the DECAlink Independent Rear Suspension Kit for 1963-1982 C2/C3 Corvettes.

The Detroit Speed engineering team leveraged the company’s 1972 Corvette Test Car as a proving ground for the entire suspension system, identifying the weaknesses in the original manufacturer parts and set up to improve the handling, ride quality and overall strength of the car.

“Our DECAlink rear suspension has many newly designed parts to eliminate the typical C2 and C3 weaknesses,” commented Kyle Tucker, Owner of Detroit Speed. “The multi-link rear system attaches to the stock rear frame using aluminum castings and a powder coated tubular crossmember. To achieve the suspension geometry and handling we were after, we designed and manufactured a new aluminum rear upright that we proudly produce in the USA.”

The C2/C3 Corvette DECAlink rear suspension kit allows Corvette owners the flexibility to use the original 17-spline differential assembly or upgrade to a 30-spline or a Hammerhead 12-bolt differential. In addition to the DSE aluminum uprights, the system features a two-piece cast aluminum/steel cradle assembly which makes for changing differentials much easier.

One of the great qualities of this kit is all suspension link lengths in the DECAlink system are adjustable. The kit also features adjustments for rear anti-squat geometry and roll center height. The suspension points are hard mounted to eliminate stock rubber mounted suspension deflection. DSE/JRi “Detroit Tuned” coilover shocks and springs allow for spring rate tuning and ride height adjustments, along with the included Torrington bearings and spanner tool.

The DSE engineering department had this to say about the design, “We designed a multi-link system that provides precise toe control, raises the roll center, and utilizes modern CV half-shafts, eliminating the use of the half-shafts as a suspension member.

The cast aluminum/steel composite cradle structure provides rigid suspension mounting, and allows the differential to be removed without having to remove the entire suspension system. Our exclusive forged aluminum uprights house modern wheel hubs and provide mounting points for the suspension links, anti-roll bar, and coilover shocks.

All of these performance features are packaged around the original C3 body, which requires no modifications for installation.”


  • Attaches to the stock rear frame using aluminum castings
  • Two-piece cast aluminum/steel cradle assembly
  • Suspension points are hard mounted to eliminate stock rubber mounted suspension deflection

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