CORSA Performance Delivers No-Drone C7 Corvette Exhaust System

The new C7 Corvette offers outstanding performance and a large number of technological advancements, yet all of the horsepower ‘Vette owners have become accustomed to in a world-beating package. The only thing missing is a sweet-sounding exhaust, and the CORSA Performance team has just the fix for C7 owners in the form of their No-Drone exhaust system developed for the platform.

Official Release:

Staying true to its legacy of delivering market leading, high-performance exhaust systems for the Corvette, CORSA Performance has released its new exhaust system for the C7 Corvette Stingray.

CORSA introduced its patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology for the C5 Corvette and has since become a market leader in Corvette exhaust systems with its free-flowing, patented no-drone technology.

To create an aftermarket exhaust system that integrated perfectly with the new C7 Corvette technologies, CORSA engineers spent over seven months and well over a thousand hours testing a wide range of possible exhaust solutions to deliver the ultimate Corvette exhaust system. The resulting CORSA exhaust system integrates perfectly with the advanced technologies already available on the vehicle and works in conjunction with the C7 stock upstream valves creating a free flowing, high-performance, exhaust system with an aggressive exhaust note and “no-drone,” regardless of driving mode or speed. CORSA’s new C7 exhaust system delivers a refined yet robust sound while providing greater horsepower and torque.

To further boost the new C7’s performance, CORSA engineered a new optional Double Helixx X-Pipe configuration, which underwent extensive dyno and acoustical testing. The Double Helixx design enhances the C7 system’s acoustics and was proven, on average, to deliver an increase of four to six horsepower and two to four ft-lbs of torque over the stock X-pipe, while further amplifying the exhaust note and helping to cancel out drone. The Double Helixx X-Pipe configuration can be purchased with a new system or added on later (part number 14761).


  • Patented No-Drone RSC Technology
  • Works with C7 upstream valves to deliver refined yet robust sound
  • Optional interchangeable trapezoidal tip

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