Coker Tire Releases a 17-Inch Phoenix Front Runner Drag Tire

Coker Tire continues to expand their lineup of tires for everyone from the casual enthusiast to the weekend warrior. Corky Coker, the CEO and company founder, has now released a 17-inch Phoenix front-runner tire. Intended for use by owners of late-model cars or vintage cars with larger brake rotors, this larger-diameter tire is just what the doctor ordered.

Official Release:

Phoenix Race Tires, a division of Coker Tire Company is devoted to providing great tires for drag racers, and does so with a wide range of bias ply and radial slicks. A variety of sizes and compounds are available to fit many applications from weekend warriors in stock suspension street cars to Super Stock cars and dragsters. Along with its tried and true designs, Phoenix is moving forward by introducing a lightweight front runner tire, built to fit 17-inch wheels.

Many modern performance cars, such as Mustang Cobras, Corvettes, Challengers and Camaros come from the factory with large brakes, forcing owners to run large diameter wheels. And with the recent introduction of factory-built drag cars, such as the Mustang Cobra Jet, a large-diameter front runner is in high demand. Several wheel companies are now building narrow 17-inch wheels to offer major weight savings, while also clearing the large brakes.

Phoenix Race Tires is one of the first companies to debut a race-proven bias ply front runner tire to comply with the recent influx of narrow 17-inch wheels. That means you can easily bolt up a set of lightweight drag tires and wheels on your late model muscle car without worrying about brake clearance. In addition to the clearance and performance aspects, this new Phoenix front runner is DOT-approved. The compound isn’t ideal for everyday driving, but the tire is safe for highway use.

These new front runners are sized at 4.5/27.0-17, which is perfect for modern street cars, as it closely matches the original tire diameter. Phoenix Race Tires took extra care to cater to the modern crowd and the result is a high performance drag tire with a wide range of applications. The tires are made in the USA and feature a bias ply construction, which works well with a variety of rear slick designs, including many items in the Phoenix Race Tires product line. The new Phoenix 4.5/27.0-17 front runners are in stock and ready to ship!

To find out more about Coker Tire’s Performance Division and Phoenix Race Tire’s new DOT-approved 17-inch front runner, contact Coker Tire Company at its world headquarters at 1317 Chestnut Street in historic downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. The office and showroom is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m.-noon on Saturday. For drag racing tires, check out or call the racer hotline at 1-866-513-2743 to reach a sales representative.


  • Perfect for late-model owners wanting to run a skinny tire
  • Manufactured by a trusted, high-quality name
  • Allows plenty of clearance for those running a larger brake package

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