Part of the appeal of owning a performance car is making it your own – and upgrading the factory gauges to a set of precision aftermarket units to keep tabs on your performance engine is one of the first upgrades many owners make to their machines. 1963-67 Corvette owners now now have the ability to hook up with Classic Instruments and choose from one of the company’s sixteen different direct-fit gauge designs.

Official Release:

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce the release of the 1963-67 Corvette direct fit package. The new direct fit package is the perfect way to upgrade the interior of your classic ‘Vette! This package features a 4 ⅝-inch Speedometer and Tachometer and 2 ⅛-inch Fuel (0-90 ohms), Oil, Temperature, and Volt gauges in your choice of sixteen different series. Stainless low step bezels and flat glass are standard. Curved glass is optional.

The package is designed to operate with any original equipment or modern engine and transmission combination or ECU. The gauges come pre-wired and mounted in a precision machined adapter panel that bolts directly to the original dash bezel for easy installation. The panel is designed to use the original warning and indicator light locations and includes an additional warning light in place of the trip odometer. All necessary sending units are included.


  • Pre-wired and mounted in adapter panel for easy installation
  • Works with any engine and transmission combination
  • Includes sending units