CenterForce’s New DYAD Twin-Disc Clutch

It is a sad-but-true fact that many cars are not even offered with a manual transmission option these days. Shifting for yourself has fallen out of style with many Americans, although oddly enough, the Europeans still mostly buy manual cars (We think because Americans are too busy drinking coffee, applying makeup, or texting to row through gears – Ed.). The exception to this change are of course, sports cars and other automotive performance enthusiasts. Those who love driving love being in control, and there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a perfect shift as you streak down the drag strip.

However, engine technology has progressed to a point where many manual transmissions have a hard time standing up to the beating of a high horsepower thrashing. No part suffers more wear and tear than the clutch. Luckily, Centerforce has recently developed what they are calling their “DYAD” multi-disc clutch system.

DYAD means “two units acting as one,” which is an apt description for the unit. Designed for extreme horsepower and torque outputs, the DYAD system combines several of Centerforce’s patented technologies into a single package. The use of multiple discs allows a vast increase in holding capacity from the pressure plate and increases the number of friction surfaces from two to four.

They do this by using a dual disc system that operates much like a single disc, and has the drivability of a stock clutch. While one of the discs have splines for the input shaft, the other is a floating disc, and is driven by the splined disc. This increased holding capacity means the Centerforce DYAD clutch can tackle upwards to 1,200 ft-lbs. of torque while maintaining some semblance of driving manners.

The dual discs also may increase the life of the clutch thanks to the additional friction surface. The DYAD clutch also incorporates Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weight system, which actually increases the clutch’s clamp load with RPMs. That means the higher you spin your engine, the tighter your clutch will grab on. The Centerforce ball bearing pressure plates allow for a precise movement on the pivot point, which also helps increase the holding capacity.
The steel flywheel has holes along the outer edge which removed three pounds of mass from the outside edge, allowing the flywheel to spin up quicker. The DYAD clutch system is a big step up in terms of huge horsepower and drivability and we look forward to see what Centerforce comes up with next.

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