Having the correct camshaft timing is important whether you’re just driving down the road or racing your vehicle. Thanks to Powerhouse Products, timing your third and fourth generation LS engine camshafts is now easy. With their new LS Degree Kit, Powerhouse gives you everything you need to properly set the time on your camshafts all in one kit.

Official Release:

Powerhouse Cam Degree Kits For GM LS Engines

Camshaft Degree Kits for GM Gen III/IV LS Engines from Powerhouse Products contain all the tools and fixtures necessary to precisely set camshaft timing in order to make up for minute engine machining tolerances. Kits work with the cylinder heads either on or off the engine.
  • Available for third and fourth generation LS engines
  • Includes all tools needed to complete the job properly
  • Works with cylinder heads on and off the engine