With Corvette tuners building some of the fastest cars in the country utilizing blowers and turbos, it only makes sense that they’ll need to upgrade their fuel system. That’s why Lingenfelter Performance Engineering offers these high-flowing fuel pumps for the C5. It’s a drop in replacement and can support 600+ horsepower depending on application. 

Official Release:

Corvette C5 Fuel Pump Available From Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) offers a direct replacement Corvette C5 Fuel Pump for improved fuel flow in high-performance applications. 
Designed to fit 1997 through early 2003 C5 Corvettes without vehicle modification, the in-take fuel pump is rated at 225 liters/hour at 60 psi of fuel pressure. It is ideal for turbocharged or supercharged applications and can sufficiently handle up to 600 HP, allowing for hot fuel handling and jet pump operation. The fuel pump can handle up to 700 HP in regular applications. For higher horsepower applications, LPE suggested the addition of a Boost-A-Pump fuel pump voltage booster. 
This fuel pump has been high voltage durability tested up to 17-volts continuous operation and is the same pump used in Lingenfelter’s twin-turbocharged C5 Corvettes. (Note: This fuel pump will not work on 2003 1/2 and newer fuel systems.) The system (part number L710650197) includes pump, pump inlet filter, housing and housing sock-type filter, internal wiring harness, internal fuel line and detailed installation instructions.