When is a wheel something more? When they are American Eagle Wheel Corp. line of Boss Motorsports wheels. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and anyone beholding these Boss Modular multi-piece wheels will surely see some beauty. Available in 20” and 22” sizes for SRT8 Chryslers and 2010-11 Camaros.

Official Release

For thirty-three years American Eagle wheel Corp has offered the highest quality American Made parts in the industry. This year our Boss Motorsports division is releasing the long awaited Boss modular multi-piece wheel line. With the old world craftsmanship and the newest of technology our Boss division has exceeded even their own expectations in this new venture.

Clean, simple timeless styling followed with the highest quality manufacturing techniques in the industry allows us to offer even the most discriminating of customers not only a wheel, but a work of art.

20 and 22 inch Camaro and SRT8 fitments will be available

  • Comes in 20″ and 22″ sizes.
  • First multi-piece Boss wheel
  • Available for Camaro and SRT8 Chryslers.