Aviaid Develops Oil Tank Insert For The C6 Z06

Owners of LS7 Z06 Corvettes already have the advantage of a dry sump oiling system. While these systems perform much better than their wet sump counter parts in high performance cars with the intent of seeing serious road racing action, there is always room for improvement. That’s why Aviaid is now making a new tank insert for dry sump systems for those found in the C6 Z06 that acts as both an air separator, and assures there is an ample supply of lubricant under those harsh driving conditions. Read more about it below.

Official Release:

Aviaid Dry Sump Oil Tank Insert

Aviaid, a leading manufacturer of high performance oil systems since 1961 and builder of the dry sump systems that were employed on the Callaway Corvettes that have won the GT-III manufacturer’s points championship for many years, offers a highly effective tank insert for use in LS7/Z06 Corvettes. The tank, insert, and a complete dry sump lubrication system can also be retrofitted to any C6 Corvette, while a system for the C5 requires an in-trunk tank.

The primary function of the insert is to control the flow of oil within the tank, and assure that an ample supply of lubricant is available to the pump. This eliminates the starvation problem that can occur in OEM setups during hard accleration, braking or cornering. It also functions as an air separator and helps prevent oil from getting vented back into the intake manifold.

Installation of the Aviaid tank insert is relatively simple, and requires only hand tools and a marking device. A detailed instruction sheet is furnished with the product, and is also available for review on the firm’s website.

Aviaid offers other products to augment Corvette factory oiling systems, including a 2-stage scavenge-only pump that can attach to the cylinder head or A/C mount and leaves the OEM pump to handle only the pressure side, or 3-stage scavenge/pressure setup that bolts to the block. There are also several oil pan and tank options.


  • Helps control the oil flow in the tank
  • Eliminates starvation problem
  • Easy installation into C6 applications, modified version fits C5

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