AutoRad Offers New C2 Corvette Radiators

If you want to run your Stingray hard, go right ahead–just watch out for what happens when it overheats. Ruptured gaskets, brokens seals, and warped cylinders are just a few of the joys that can happen from not having a cooling system that’s up to the task. AutoRad’s latest offering, however, is. 460 square inches of surface area,  dual 3700 cfm fans, and all-aluminum construction make these parts a must-have if you plan on taking your C2 on an extended joy ride.

Official Release:

AutoRad Radiators introduces the latest to their line of perfectly tailored performance radiator / core support assemblies – a direct bolt-in replacement for the 1963-67 Corvette. Although it is a bolt for bolt replacement, it offers much more than the stock radiator it replaces such as 460 square inches of surface area for ideal cooling after spirited driving or cruising on those hot summer days. To ensure keeping those temperatures cool, the AutoRad C2 Corvette radiator assembly also includes dual fans rated at a massive 3700 cfm (cubic feet per minute of air moved). Assembly includes new designed core support, radiator and dual fans/ shroud and is available for big blocks, small blocks and LS Motors.

AutoRad Radiators are always designed with both efficient cooling and also attractive design in mind. Their all aluminum radiators are hand crafted using only tig welding both inside and out. All edges are buffed for a smooth, flawless finish to match the beauty of your Sting Ray Corvette. Each radiator is then vacuum brazed to ensure a strong, reliable seal.

Retail price for the 1963-67 Corvette radiator and core support is $1400, or $1900 including the dual fans/ shroud.


  • All-aluminum construction
  • Dual 3700 cfm fans
  • 460 square inches of surface area
  • Tig-welded inside and out

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