Gauges are really only worth as much as you can see them, and Auto Meter agrees. Combining 56 years of competition experience in a wide range of motorsports, they created the new GT series gauges with white LED lights to make them easy to see in all conditions.

Official Release:

Powered by race-hardened, high-precision internals developed from 56 years of competition experience, GT Series gauges are equipped with cutting edge, white LED illumination to maximize visibility in all conditions.

Fitted matte black bezels minimize cockpit glare while aircraft inspired dials constructed from the real carbon fiber clearly communicate mission critical data.

Available in multiple configurations for optimal deployment in applications ranging from hot rods, muscle cars, diesel trucks and modern street/race machines, GT Series gauges from Auto Meter are equal parts street fighter and stealth fighter, ready for battle. 

Who’s watching your six?


  • White LED illumination
  • Fitted matte black bezels to reduce glare
  • Carbon fiber-constructed dials
  • A variety of configurations to suit your ride

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