Motorsports and clothing go hand in hand. If that sounds strange to you, it shouldn’t because along with necessary safety items like 5-point harnesses, helmets, and gloves comes fireproof suits, shoes and underwear. Serious drag racers and those who race in NASCAR and Formula 1 are well aware of this fact.

One of the largest names in motorsport protective wear is Alpinestars. Their products have been used all over the world in all forms of motorsports, and they have casual wear to match, even if you can’t afford that F1 inspired track driving suit.

Official Release:

Astars Clothing for Holiday Gift Guides

With Christmas just around the corner, people are always on the lookout for something to buy a friend or family member.

As you know, we have everyone covered with all of the technical gear -which is great but not everyone can afford that Race Replica suit, new Atem jacket, Tech 10 boot or GP Pro driving suit. So how about something from our casual/sportswear side, you can never have enough t-shirts hats and hoodies. Alpinestars has recently released a new line of products in the form of their new:

  • Tracer Snapback in black/red
  • Core Star Fleece in heather gray
  • Vista Fleece in black
  • Faded Classic Tee in charcoal
  • Turnpike Classic Tee in white
  • Destination Roller Carry On


  • Hats, Shirts, Backpacks, Bags, and More
  • Near endless choices in sizes and colors
  • Prevents public nudity