Airaid’s High-Flow Filter Assembly for C5 Corvettes

The factory air box on C5 Corvettes is legendarily restrictive. Because they are designed to be quiet, not for high-performance, it leaves horsepower on the table. But now, C5 owners can now upgrade to a high-flow air filter assembly from Airaid that allows your LS to breathe like it should. Available in two styles, the filter flows 1,600-cfm. This simple bolt-on takes less than an hour to install, but can can increase power output.  

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The 1997-2004 Chevrolet C5 Corvette was one of the most popular Corvette models ever, but the C5 designers really dropped the ball with the factory airbox. The stock intake box is held shut by some cheesy metal bands with plastic latches, and inside is a fairly small flat panel filter. AIRAID now offers a simple bolt-on upgrade for the C5 with a new Filter Assembly that replaces the restrictive factory airbox with an open element performance filter and an adapter housing that is designed to optimize airflow.

 The AIRAID Filter Assembly consists of a massive air filter, which flows over 1600-cfm and can support power levels from stock all the way up to 800 horsepower! The filter is available with a traditional oiled filter or AIRAID SynthaMax dry filter material in either red or blue. Developed specifically for the unique induction needs of Corvettes, the filter is shaped to provide maximum unrestricted airflow while accommodating the specific clearance needs of Corvettes.

 A specially molded filter adapter connects the AIRAID filter to the MAF sensor and the rest of the factory intake system. The adapter has provisions to accept all factory breathers and sensors, making the filter upgrade a simple bolt-on procedure for all C5s.

The AIRAID C5 Corvette Filter Assembly includes all the necessary hardware along with complete installation instructions. No drilling or trimming is necessary, and the system works with the factory tuning. Like the rest of the AIRAID product line, this performance Filter Assembly is made in the USA. For more information, visit or call 800-498-6951.


  • Simple bolt-on
  • Developed specifically for Corvette
  • Adapter accepts factory connections 

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