This drop-in filter for ’14 Corvette increases airflow to the engine, adding power without hurting filtration. Fits snug in the stock airbox and can be ordered with a dry filter element or the traditional oiled media.

Official Release:

The 2014 C7 Corvette is all about performance and handling, but car enthusiasts are always looking for a little extra. AIRAID now offers a drop-in replacement filter for the new Corvette that increases airflow without sacrificing filtration.

 The AIRAID drop-in replacement filter targets the most restrictive portion of the factory intake system: the factory air filter. The filter is constructed with a hand-poured polyurethane casing rather than rubber or Plastisol, so the filter is guaranteed not to shrink, wrinkle, or warp, and it will retain its snug fit in the factory intake box for the life of the vehicle. AIRAID offers this filter with either traditional oiled filter media, or SynthaMax dry media. Both offer excellent filtration compared to the stock paper element while increasing airflow at the same time, and both are washable and reusable. Further, the SynthaMax filters are available in red, blue, or black.


  • Multiple colors available
  • Drops into stock airbox
  • Reusable