New from 3M – their High Power Brake Cleaner. This cleaner quickly sprays away oil and contaminants while using less product to save you time and money. See more details below.

Official Release:

Over time, brakes become contaminated with dirt, dust, oil and other residue, which can lead to friction build up. To help drivers keep their brakes functioning at optimal levels, 3M Autotoday announced the launch of its new 3M High Power Brake Cleaner, which utilizes an ultra-powerful cleaner to effectively remove oil and other contaminants.

With the help of 3M High Power Brake Cleaner, you can now spray away oil and contaminants at a substantially faster rate, while using significantly less product per job. The technology behind 3M’s new High VOC Brake Cleaner removes oil up to two times faster than the previous 3M formulation of equivalent VOC level. Similarly, its new highly improved Low VOC Brake Cleaner works up to eight times faster.

To use the 3M High Power Brake Cleaner, simply spray the product onto the brake drum, starting at the top, and watch as oil, grease and other contaminants effortlessly wash away. Collect fluid runoff with brake dust in an approved container. If parts are extremely contaminated, repeat application. The process takes minutes, allowing you to work like a pro.

“Our goal is to provide consumers with high-quality products that enable them to get the job done right,” said Darcy Backman, Global Marketing Manager, Auto Care at 3M Auto. “The newly redesigned formula in 3M Brake Cleaner allows body shops, DIYers and enthusiasts alike to work like a professional, while saving time and money on their brake job.”


  • Quickly sprays away oil and contaminants
  • Uses significantly less product per job
  • Saves time and money