We’re a technology-oriented generation, so why shouldn’t our automotive catalogs be the same? Now with COMP Performance Group’s 2012 catalogs all available on CD, you can get browse through performance parts right on your computer even without the internet. Even better, each COMP Performance Group company has their own catalog and you can get them all for free!

Official Release:

2012 COMP Performance Group Catalogs On CD

Memphis, TN − The latest, most up-to-date digital versions of the COMP Performance Group catalogs and brochures are now available in one master collection on the 2012 COMP Performance Group Catalogs CD.

COMP Cams, TCI, FAST, Quarter Master, Tomar, ZEX, RHS, Powerhouse, Inglese and the other COMP Performance Group company catalogs, flyers and brochures have been collected on a single disc. Featuring the most up-to-date versions of each piece of literature (in PDF format), the CPG 2012 Catalogs CD is the most comprehensive collection of performance automotive aftermarket products available anywhere. From master catalogs to part-specific flyers, the discs are perfect for customers, vendors and engine builders at every level. The CD even contains exclusive catalogs that are unavailable in print. Compatible with both PC and Mac computers, the discs are available for order at www.cpgcatalogs.com or you can simply request a free disc be placed in your order the next time you make a purchase from any COMP Performance Group company.

Features & Benefits:

  • The most comprehensive collection of automotive aftermarket company catalogs ever assembled
  • The latest version of each catalog is included so you can find the newest parts & information
  • Convenient PDF format reads on both PC & Mac
  • Absolutely free: visit www.cpgcatalogs.com or simply ask for one the next time you place an order from any COMP Performance Group company