Here we have yet another small glimmer of hope that our economy, and subsequently General Motors, are on the way to a full recovery. According to a recent report posted on Corvette Blogger, new Corvette sales were up 4.3% in 2011 versus the number that were sold in 2010. All in all, there were a grand total of 13,164 C6 Corvettes sold in 2011, which is an increase of 540 more than in 2010.

This past December was a particularly good month for Corvette sales, as Chevrolet saw an increase of around 6.0% more Corvettes being sold than in the same month of 2010. The big jump in sales likely has a lot to do with the new rebates and incentives that GM is offering. Check out Corvette Blogger’s full report, and to see how the Corvette sales numbers from last year break down, as well as info on GM’s current offers for folks in the market for a brand new Corvette.