NCM Offers Complete Insurance Coverage for Collector Corvettes

When making the decision on which company you should use to insure your collector Corvette, it is important to know about all the options you have. Over at the National Corvette Museum, they believe that having the best coverage with the most options is the best choice. That is why they offer their very own in-house insurance agency. From brand new Corvettes to the classic and rare, NCM insurance provides optimal coverage with the proceeds going to the museum- a win-win situation for Corvette owners.

CorvetteBlogger spoke to Adam Boca from the NCM Insurance Agency last week about the options that their insurance offers Corvette owners. The NCM Insurance Agency does collector car insurance as well as car club liability insurance. These insurance types are for Corvettes that are not used as daily drivers. Agreed value, mileage options and stated values make the NCM insurance unique. Even cars that are less than 80% complete for restoration purposes can be insured through the NCM for the specific value in parts that are on the car and waiting to be put on the car.

The NCM Insurance program strives to give Corvette owners better coverage than would be found with any other auto insurance policy while saving money on the yearly rate. Boca says that the insurance agency can find flaws in many people’s insurance coverage and build on that to create something that protects their car even better. With an allowed drivability of 6,000 miles per year for NCM insured cars, Corvettes can be used as pleasure vehicles and even driven out to the NCM for events and not have to worry about exceeding their yearly mileage limit.

While all this sounds good, what makes the NCM truly different than any other insurance company? “We know Corvettes, plain and simple,” stated Boca. According to him, the NCM Insurance Agency knows Corvettes inside and out, better than any other company. This guarantees exceptional customer service and that all the insured vehicles are covered to the best of anyone’s ability and understanding.

The insurance agents are not commission-based. All of the proceeds from every policy goes back to the museum. This means that the agents aren’t going to try to sell customers anything they don’t need in order to get a bigger commission.

You can expect to see the NCM Insurance Agency out at car shows this year. They have a new display and an interactive kiosk to better serve any potential clients. At the interactive kiosk, you can get a fast insurance quote and even manage your policy or make a payment if you’re an existing policy holder. If you’re interested in buying a policy or just getting more information, you can visit the agency’s website at

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