The National Corvette Museum regularly raffles off brand new Corvettes as part of their annual fund raising campaign, and the raffle they have going on this week is for none other than the feared and respected ZR1. While cruising the NCM website we noticed an announcement that they had only sold 208 of the 500 available raffle tickets for the ZR1, meaning that the odds are actually pretty good for anyone who enters. Tickets aren’t exactly cheap though, at $500 a pop, but it might just be worth the gamble even at that price.

The winner will have their new ZR1 delivered to them through the exclusive “R8C Museum Delivery” Program at the NCM, and will be able to pick what color they want as well several options. Of course, since 2013 is an “abbreviated” ordering year, and the last for the C6, there are several colors and options that won’t be available. If the winner decides they would rather have cash than the ZR1, they can take delivery of a nice $80,000 purse instead.

To recap: Win ZR1 – Good Odds – Pricey Tickets – Drawing is Thursday, Move Fast.

Visit NCM’s website for more info and to purchase raffle tickets.