NCM Motorsports Park Set To Get An Accelerated Start

What could be better than an automotive museum completely funded by the owners and car enthusiasts of a certain make and model of vehicle? How about one that has road courses, autocross courses and their very own drag strip? This is the plan for the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park. According to Keith Cornett of, the Motorsports Park has been kicked into high gear after an announcement at a donor banquet where individuals who contributed at least $1,000 to the museum were honored last Friday.

The Motorsports Park project had been in limbo for some time now, but after the board voted to add 92 acres to their existing 70-acre parcel, Executive Director Wendell Strode announced that the project would be moving forward in stages. The first stage of the project will include construction of a two-mile road course and autocross/skidpad on the west side of the park. The second phase is set to build a quarter-mile drag strip. Following phases will include construction of another road course, autocross/skidpad, and karting track.

Special guest, Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan, was thrilled about the project and gave a moving speech about the importance of Corvette enthusiasts to the Corvette brand and the museum. He even called the new Motorsports Park “The final jewel in the crown that is Corvette.” Inspired by the speech, many donors came forward to be part of the “One Acre Club,” donating $15,000 each to add an acre to the park. A total of six acres were donated by the end of the evening.The initial project is budgeted to cost around $35 million. Strode stated that the decision was made to break the project up into pieces so that portions of the park could be enjoyed while fundraising and construction of the other phases takes place. The smaller phases also makes the completion of the entire project more attainable.

Press demonstrations, owner track events, high performance driving classes for new Corvette owners and Corvette Racing practices are just a few things planned for the new Motorsports Park. If you’d like to donate to the project, you can do so through the National Corvette Museum.

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