Private track rentals are awesome; they allows racers to make as many passes as they choose, however private track rentals require payment, emergency personnel and insurance, and for good reason. In the recent incident at the Mooresville Dragway in North Carolina a young man went to the facility and made one too many unauthorized passes on the track. According to the Salisbury Post, Eli Scott Brandt entered the facility on Sunday March 27th around 7pm. Brandt saw a man, Michael Teter, at the track collecting cans and inquired about taking the Corvette down the strip.

Teter told Brand that he did not have the authority to allow him to use the dragstrip, but Brandt continued on with his “private track night” anyway. Brandt made one successful pass on the track, but he wasn’t done yet. Brandt’s second run of the evening proved to be one for the records – more like an arrest record. During the second run Brandt lost control of the Corvette and managed to park the ’96 on the guardrail near the end of the track.

Following the mishap, Deputy A.C. Goodman arrived on the scene, which resulted in Brandt being charged with first degree trespassing and damage to real property. Brandt claimed that he assumed Teter to be the track owner and despite not having permission he assumed it would still be all right to continue making passes. Eventually Brandt’s family was allowed to the remove the Corvette from the guardrail and the closest thing to a time slip that Brandt received for his adventure was a written promise to appear in court.