Typically power adders dominate the field at racing events where they’re allowed, with naturally aspirated cars are few and far between. At the most recent Texas Mile competition a C4 Corvette managed to pull off an amazing feat by running over 200 MPH in the span of one mile. For those unfamiliar with standing mile competitions, managing to break the 200 MPH barrier is an impressive accomplishment, much like running a single digit time in the quarter-mile. More often than not, cars competing in the standing mile feature potent engines topped off by superchargers or turbos, with natural aspiration a rarity because of the sheer amount of power required to be competitive.

This C4 features a very large cowl hood to accommodate the necessary engine and subsequent modifications required to push the car to over 200 MPH in the span of a mile. During the first pass shown in the High Tech Corvette video, the Partner’s Chevrolet sponsored C4 gets a little loose during the start of the run, but manages to maintain control and produce a remarkable 211.8 MPH run. A second pass shows the C4 with a clean takeoff that resulted in a 172.6 MPH showing at the half-mile mark, but in the end a slightly slower 211.5 MPH result was recorded. Perhaps a difference in wind, humidity or the takeoff caused the minimal difference, but this car is insanely consistent on the runway.