National Corvette Museum Preparing Young Drivers for Today’s Roads

The National Corvette Museum is a must-visit destination for all Corvette fans, but it’s also a great place to learn how to drive. As it turns out, the NCM offers more than just neat Corvettes and events; they also offer a series of drivers’ education courses for teens and adults. But that doesn’t mean you’re handed the keys of a Corvette to go play around in. Check out some of the advanced technology that the NCM uses to prepare drivers for the road while still safe indoors rather than out on the street in the video above.

To help teens and adults become better drivers, the NCM now offers a series of educational classes tailored to teaching the do’s and don’ts of driving.

For the soon-to-be driver, the museum offers the Pre-Drivers’ Course geared toward 14 and 15-year-old students working towards obtaining their driver’s permit. This class teaches basic driving techniques and maneuvers, introduces students to driving hazards, goes over permit test-related material and even teaches students the dangers of things like texting and driving and drunk driving. As part of the five-hour course, students take part in classroom sessions, use driving simulators and watch an outdoor DUI autocross demonstration.

For young drivers who have their permit or are newly licensed, the NCM offers the New Driver Development Course. This course builds on the basics that students already know and teaches them more advanced driving techniques like parallel parking, takes them through more complex road hazards like a driver might encounter on a rural road or in bad weather, and reinforces the dangers of things like texting or drinking and driving. In addition to classroom and driving simulator time, as well as the DUI autocross demonstration, students of the New Driver Development Course will learn car care essentials like checking fluids and changing a flat tire in the special car care session.

Both courses are offered at the museum on a semi-regular basis with the latest sessions offered June 26th and 27th. All students get lunch at the Corvette Café with their session admission of $10.

If you have a soon-to-be or new driver in your family, or just need to brush up on those skills yourself, be sure to check out the next sessions of drivers education from the NCM. They may not hand you the keys to a brand new Vette to go flog in the parking lot, but you or your loved one are sure to walk out of their class at the NCM with proper knowledge to take on the challenge of driving in today’s road environment.

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