Before anyone jumps on the sexist bandwagon, the Powder Puff Mechanics Seminar at the National Corvette Museum was originally created for Girl Scouts. According to the Bowling Green Daily News the NCM is now giving girls and women the opportunity to learn about cars at the Powder Puff Mechanics Seminar. Originally this seminar was geared toward teaching Girl Scouts about cars, how to perform basic maintenance, and handle various driving situations, but the overwhelmingly positive response made NCM reevaluate their plan. Thanks to increased interest in the event, the NCM opened the Powder Puff Mechanics Seminar registration to include adult females as well as girls. The seminar is set to run from 10am to 2 pm on Saturday at the museum.

For those who may say the name is chauvinistic, look beyond the kitschy phrasing and realize the opportunity the NCM is providing for the community. Not every female has had the opportunity to learn how to change a tire and we have seen the previous Wrecked Vette Wednesday that illustrates that even men can have issues with jump-starting a car. For those who are curious, never had the opportunity to learn this information or just want their daughters to understand how to change a flat tire just in case, this seminar is a excellent chance for a segment of the population to learn some basic information about their vehicles.