Enthusiasm toward the Corvette model is at an all-time high right now thanks to the recent debut of the 2014 C7 Stingray and it’s drop-top sister. But beyond the brand new model, the National Corvette Museum is aiming to keep that enthusiasm going with plans to break ground on the new Motorsports Park this summer.

Recently, strides have been made to make the ground-breaking happen, including the approval of the final track design and geographical engineering of the site. The project is set to break ground on June 28th, during the Museum’s Corvette 60th Anniversary Celebration with the opening of the Motorsports Park set for Labor Day weekend 2014.

The grand opening date will coincide nicely with the Museum’s 20th anniversary celebration and the 5th National Corvette Caravan.

With plans for the park moving forward, track designer Steve Crawford and his company DDS Engineering are currently working on bid documents for the site that should be completed by this May. From there the preparations for the official ground breaking will be put on a fast track for early summer.

While the ground breaking is scheduled and things are moving forward at a nice clip, the NCM is still looking for funding for the different phases of the project.

By June 1st, the Museum hopes to raise $1 million in donations to help make the project move along as quickly as possible.

“We are ready to move forward with the project, but at what level will be determined by support received from enthusiasts and sponsorships,” said NCM Executive Director Wendell Strode in a recent press release from the museum.  “The support thus far is great, but we still need help to make it happen.”

This summer, construction of the autocross/skid pad area of the Park is set to be complete but construction of the west track will require additional funds. Those interested in supporting the project can join the One Acre Club, a donation program that provides the funding for an additional acre of property for the project. So far, several enthusiasts have joined the One Acre Club, showing their dedication and support not only to the Chevy model they love but also the largest single-model museum in the world.