There can never be too many tracks in this country, especially if they’re specifically made for America’s favorite sports car. That’s exactly what the National Corvette Museum (NCM) has been planning to create for a while now – a Corvette motorsports park. Unfortunately creating such a facility isn’t as simple as funding and building it. As we found out from CorvetteBlogger, the NCM has had to jump through some zoning hoops to get their project rolling. Thankfully, the museum just got the zoning confirmation they needed and plans to build the track are moving forward.

Last May we brought you the news about the NCM’s plans to build a motorsports park. This facility is set to have a road course, as well as an autocross and skid pad training areas. The motorsports park will be built in stages so that sections of the facility can be enjoyed prior to the availability of complete funding.

Building such a park requires land to be rezoned and the NCM had been sitting in limbo with the park plans until the rezoning of over 400 acres was approved by the City-County Planning Commission in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Luckily, the museum got what they wanted recently when the commission voted eight to three for the rezoning of the land from Agriculture to Planned Unit Development to take place.

There were concerns initially that the approval to rezone the land would not come through. Residents of an adjoining neighborhood had come forward with concerns about the noise that the new motorsports park would bring, causing a delay in the process.

To calm these concerns, the NCM stated in their zoning agreement that Corvette Racing and NASCAR cars would be the only unmuffled vehicles to use the track. They also agreed to a Detailed Development Plan that will make sure the planned noise berm will do its job.

Although the NCM still has to go through a hurdle with the Warren County Fiscal Court, things are looking up for the Corvette motorsports park. If you’d like to do your part and help fund the building of the track facility, you can visit and make a donation.