ncm-track-1The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky sits right across from the factory that builds America’s best sports car. It only makes sense that a museum dedicated to a car with such an impressive racing pedigree should have a world-class race track on the property, and last year NCM broke ground on a new facility literally right across the street.

ncm-track-2While Museum officials have been quiet on progress thus far, construction on the first functional parts of the track are set to complete in August of this year. Hemmings Auto Blog reports that the NCM has already scheduled 118 events following the opening of the new motorsports park.

The completed track will feature two separate circuits built with input from the minds behind the Corvette Racing team, Pratt & Miller. The 1.1 mile East Track and 2.0 mile West Track can be combined to form a complete 3.1 mile circuit with replicas of some of racing’s most famous features. This includes a replica of the Mulsanne Straight from the Circuit de la Sarthe, which hosts the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as the Porsche Curve.

Among the first clients to rent out the new facility is the Bluegrass BMW Club, as the Corvette facility will be open to any and all comers. The first Corvette event isn’t planned until late September, about a month after the facility opens, and progress is said to be going well. Hopefully we can get down there for the opening ceremonies of what is sure to be a world-class racing facility.